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Service Descriptions


A pool table is made of many pieces that can be damaged or misplaced in the disassembly of a pool table. We carefully break down your pool table for storage or moving and keep any small or loose pieces together to ensure nothing is lost.  


Most pool tables are made up of solid 1″ slate that can be very heavy and dangerous to move. Avoid costly damage by hiring Beck’s Billiards technicians to be your pool table movers. Pricing starts at $300.00


Whether you just purchased a used pool table or are moving a pool table, we can help set up and adjust your pool table to enjoy with friends and family. Setup includes the complete assembly of a pool table not including covering the rails.


Over time you will start noticing the felt beginning to warn of faded. Depending on your frequency of use, the table will need to be repaired, or recovered by putting new felt on the bed and rails of the table. We can also check to make sure the table is level but leveling is not included when recovering your pool table.  See Color Options

New Setup

Pool tables are a lot of fun. When you invest in a new pool table – whether purchased through us or an online retailer, we can assist in setting your new pool table up. This includes putting together and re-felting a new table, including the rails with the felt type and color of your choosing. Pricing starts at $400-$500, depending on manufacturer.