8′ Skeech game table


8′ Skeech game table.

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The Original 8′ Skeech Game Table plus Drink Holders for each end of the table and an 18″ x 27″ Framed Rules Board.

About Skeech

Skeech originated from a game our family started playing on the beach in South Carolina. The beach game is played by rolling bocce balls on the sand between two sets of holes to score points. This game is like playing Skee-Ball® on the beach…hence, the name Skeech!

​The Original Skeech game table was created when Josh & Zach brought the beach game inside to an 8’ x 20” tabletop playing surface. This fun, exciting game can be played anytime, anywhere. The Original Skeech table offers a game like no other and now you don’t have to be on a beach to enjoy it!

The Original Skeech! A NEW table game for your home where you face off with your opponent in a head-to-head battle. This sleek, one-of-a-kind design requires little to no maintenance and is certain to set your game room apart.

The Skeech table game offers something fresh and unique to your entertainment space. Skeech is equally as entertaining as billiards, shuffleboard, ping pong, foosball or air hockey. In addition, it requires less space and can be played in half the time. ​A simple but engaging game, the Skeech table game can be played by just about anyone who can roll a ball!

​​If you’re looking to invigorate your game room…creating memories, laughter and happiness when you entertain… The Original Skeech game table is the answer!!


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